Located within the pristine environment of Lake Kviteseidvatnet and nestled between the adjoining mountains, the municipality of Kviteseid has long been known as the jewel of West Telemark County. Combined with the environmental, cultural and artistic attractions to be seen and experienced in this area, our community has become a favorite jumping-off location for travelers and tourists wishing to visit a special location such as ours that offers such a memorable experience. Janneke and I have become devoted devotees of Kviteseid and the surrounding environs and are more than happy to share advice about the things to see and do with our guests. Additionally, a tourist information office located on the quay in Kviteseid is open during the summer.

We can loan you a book describing the many hiking trails adjacent to our municipality. Though it is written in Norwegian the hiking maps to be found in it are more than enough to point the way to a great outdoor adventure. But you don’t even need the book because close to our house is a trailhead leading to a wonderful vista of the entire area, and though it does involve a steep climb it is well worth the effort.

If fishing is your wish, you can buy a one day fishing license. You can attend a day license by sending the text “FISKEKORT ABH10” to 2377 at cost of about 50 krone per day. There is a sign with information about fishing regulations opposite the Kviteseid Tourist Information Office.


  • A 15 minute walk to the village. Check with us for directions on the best way to way to get there.
  • A boat trip on the Telemark Canal. Check the route and time table! The beautiful old boat MS Victoria docks daily at the wharf during summer time at 10:15. It’s always a beautiful moment to watch the boat come in. An alternative arrival and departure location is located at Spjotsodd, a ten minutes drive from our house . Sometimes we can (for a small fee) pick you up or drop you off at the Spjotsodd quay.
  • IMG_3161Kviteseid’s open air museum (10 min. by car)
  • Telemark Museum in Morgedal (15 min. by car)
  • Go for a swim at our local beach, Sorgenfri (8 min. by car). Turn left from Heddesli and follow road 41 southward. The beach is halfway between the first and second bridge and is well marked.

Day trips by car

  • Take a look at the listed top 130+ attractions in Telemark. The vast majority of these are within a two hour drive. We strongly advise you to visit the village of Dalen, the Eidsborg stave church, the impressive Heddal stave church and the historically significant ‘heavy water’ village of Rjukan!
  • We suggest a scenic day trip by car towards Lunde and Ulefoss where, among other things, you will encounter locks of the Telemark Canal. It’s a beautiful ride in this area which we call Little Norway. Be sure to get a kebab at Spiseriet in Ulefoss which is located in the beautiful free ‘open air museum ‘Øvre Verket’. For your return you may want to consider going by way Route 36.
  • Another beautiful day trip begins with a drive to Dalen which marks the end of the Telemark Waterway where, among other things, you can visit the Dalen Hotel which opened 1894 and was specially designed to attract wealthy customers and became a destination and residence for European royalties and aristocrats and where you can enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch overlooking the entire area.
  • Afterwards it is on to Åmot where you can view the Raven gorge. Afterwards you can take road 134 back to Kviteseid OR take the scenic road 37 up to Rauland.
  • Rauland has a beautiful outdoor museum and several art museums. You will definitely want to have coffee and and sample the delicious pastries at the Kaffibar’n.
  • A ‘must do’ walk up the well tended trail to Falkeriset rewards you with a superb view of the entire region, and where the former Dutch nobility previously captured falcons for the sport of falconeering in their homeland.
  • And now it is time to return to Kviteseid and Heddesli!

Shopping in Kviteseid
Supermarket KIWI (+ post office), bakery, tourist information (summer), fashion shop, jeweler, knitting shop, bookstore, Expert electronics, Trend (diy), pharmacy, blacksmith, plumber, electrician and a gas station.

Shopping in Seljord
This town, which you can reach in 15 minutes by car, offers more shops including supermarkets (Rema and Meny) and the vinmonopol, the liquor store. A nice dinnerplace is the Seljord Hotell. A small romantic old in Sveitserstil built hotel restaurant. Reserve a table at (+47) 35 06 40 00.