Welcome to Heddesli, Kviteseid!

Our bed and breakfast / studio, Heddesli, will be open for guests starting June 2016.
For the price of a room you get the 2nd floor of our spacious house including a bedroom, a living room, a conservatory, a kitchen and a full bathroom, and you will be our only guest during your stay! Additionally, you will have the use of our yard having a terrace with a barbeque and a beautiful view over Kviteseid set against the surronding mountains. This is a place where you can really relax!

Our B&B / apartment Heddesli is located in Kviteseid on route 41 (Kristiansand-Brunkeberg) and 5 minutes from the E134 (Oslo-Haugesund-Bergen).
This is an ideal location for an overnight stay or longer with or without breakfast. The choice is yours!
Free parking and free wireless Internet.

We speak English, Dutch, Norwegian and German

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Heddesli, Kviteseid!

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