Welcome to Heddesli, Kviteseid!

Our bed and breakfast / studio, Heddesli, will be open for guests starting June 2016.
For the price of a room you get the whole first floor of our spacious house including a bedroom, a living room, a conservatory, a kitchen, a landing and a full bathroom, and you will be our only guest during your stay! Additionally, you will have the use of our yard having a terrace with a barbeque and a beautiful view over Kviteseid set against the surronding mountains. This is a place where you can really relax!

Our B&B / apartment Heddesli is located in Kviteseid on route 41 (Kristiansand-Brunkeberg) and 5 minutes from the E134 (Oslo-Haugesund-Bergen).
This is an ideal location for at least a four nights stay or longer.
Free parking and free wireless Internet.

We speak English, Dutch, Norwegian and German

During the Corona period we serve no breakfast!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Heddesli, Kviteseid!

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